washing powder, synthetic detergent

Paste type synthetic detergent


Southern Palmira

Lotos (washing powder)
Washing powder
economy class.
Effectively wash and freshen clothes.

Lotos Volga (lemon)

Lotos Volga (sea fresh)

Lotos Volga (camomile)

Lotos Volga (lilac)

Lotos Volga (apple)

BioLux (washing powder)
Washing powder of middle class
with active complex bio-agents.
Scale protection system.

BIOLUX universal (sea breeze)

BIOLUX universal (flower meadow)

BIOLUX automate

BIOLUX automate (color)

BIOLUX automate (active oxygen)

MAN (washing powder)
Private mark for MAN chain shops.
Premium powder for affordable price.

MAN (for white clothes)

MAN (automat)

MAN (for color clothes)

Water softening agent.
Maximum protection of your washing machine.

Water softening agent "Volgon Glants"

Water softening agent "Antiscale"

Water softening agent "Allgon Glants"

Soda salt