washing powder, synthetic detergent

BIOLUX automate (active oxygen)

BIOLUX automate - active oxygen

For soaking, washing and bleaching of goods from cotton, linen and mixed textiles in automated and activator type washing machines and hand wash.
«BioLux» guarantees fiber strength retention, has good detergency. Contains special bio-agents (enzymes) promoting efficient removal of stains from grass, sauces and cacao even in cold water.

- phosphates 5-15%
- anionic surfactants 5-15%
- non-ionic surfactants <5%
- enzymes
- oxygen-containing bleaching agent
- anti-corrosion agents
- optical bleaching agents
- flavoring agent
- softening agents.

450 grams
Package – corrugated box
24 pcs. in a package, GOST 25644-96

Conformity certificate and "Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion

washing powder - BioLuxBioLuxConformity certificate - washing powder - BioLux

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BIOLUX automate (active oxygen)

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