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Water softening agent "Volgon Glants"

Volgon Glants by Volgograd houshold chemistry

Water softening agent "Volgon Glants" " is the agent meant for prevention of chalky, soap and other sediments on the surface of electric heating elements of automated washing machines.

Consequences of washing in hard water.

Calcium and magnesium salts, hardness salts contained in city water may lead to appearance of lime scale in all house water supply systems, on the faucets, baths, sinks, on electric heating elements and drums of washing machines. Lime scale appearance leads to increase of power consumption, washing powder spending, and contamination of things and, eventually to breakdown of washing machine and costly repair. For full protection from scaling rely upon protection of Volgon Glants. New efficient formula containing special agents secures your washing machine from scaling and extends service life of all its vitals. No lime scaling will stay on your linen.

500 grams
Package – corrugated box
22 pcs. in a package, TOR 2389-007-53594985-2008

Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion

Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion -  Water softening agent - Volgon GlantsSanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion -  Water softening agent - Volgon Glants

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