washing powder, type past detergent
Professional and household chemistry for home and laundry - washign powders Lotos Volga, Biolux, VolClean; type past detergent - trialon, south Palmira

Тема: Dear partners!

We are advising you that due to increase of the prices for raw material, the selling prices for paste type detergents “Southern Palmira” and “Trialon” rise by 2,5%
washing powder "Lotos Volga" rise by 8%
washing powder "BioLux" rise by 5%
Private mark "Universal-Econom" rise by 5%
Private mark "EverClean" rise by 3%
Water softening agent "Antiscale", "AllGone", "VolgonGlants" rise by 2%
Soda saltpacking of 700 grams in plastic sachet, rise by 6%


Since 01.12.2010

Тема: Release from Volgograd Household Chemical Goods

LLC Volgograd Household Chemical Goods will soon be producing granulated washing powders “Lotos Volga” and “BioLux”.

Тема: Laundry for 1 ruble!

synthetic detergent-southern palmira

We are glad to inform you that our clients from the segment of professional household chemicals for laundries have got a unique opportunity to wash 1 kg of linen for just 1 ruble by the washing paste "Southern Palmira".
The unique formula of our paste allows reaching more than 120% washing capability at thrifty dosage.
According to the testing results conducted by Public Health Authority paste “Southern Palmira” is not allergenic.

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