washing powder, paste type synthetic detergent

Paste type synthetic detergent “Southern Palmira”

professional detergent - Southern Palmira - Paste type synthetic detergent

Detergent “Southern Palmira” is meant for soaking and washing of goods from cotton, linen and mixed textiles in all types of washing machines and hand wash, and also for household hygiene care, including washing all moisture proof surfaces.

Application method:
Soaking: for 1-3 hours at 40° – 60°С, 15-20g of paste/ 1 kg of linen.

Machine wash: according to the instruction to the machine or at 50° – 90°С, 15-20g of paste/ 10 l of water, depending on contamination.
Rinse thoroughly.


Preserve apart from food, in a childproof place.
In case of contact with eyes — immediately wash with running water.Upon expiration and upon the necessity the paste is disposed as domestic waste.

The report of laboratory studies for allergenic and toxicological-hygienic study of paste "Southern Palmira"

The report of laboratory studies for allergenictoxicological-hygienic study of paste - Southern Palmira

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Paste type synthetic detergent “Southern Palmira”

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