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Southern Palmira has won recognition from the laundries

LLC Volgograd Household Chemical Goods continues promoting detergent “Southern Palmira” at the market of professional chemicals. During 2010 the laundries of Volgograd region have tried and evaluated “washing for 1 ruble” from Volgograd Household Chemical Goods.

Center of Municipal Services of Volzhsky city having highly evaluated collaboration with the company, note in their letter of gratitude that even in cold water washing gives outstanding results: biological contaminations are washed off; detergents produced by LLC Volgograd Household Chemical Goods are notable for economy (20 g/ 1 kg of linen) and competitive price. Volgorad dry-cleaning service and laundry “Cinderella” has been using “Southern Palmira” for 6 months already. Basing on the result of using the detergent they competently recommend to their colleagues: “Southern Palmira” has excellently shown itself while washing the linen of all four contamination levels, at that linen with the 1-st and 2-nd contamination levels (hotel and bed-sheets) has been ideally washed and linen with the 3-rd and 4-th contamination levels (working clothes – oil-fuel spots, soot) stayed with insignificant stains, the linen gained clean and fresh appearance, pleasant flavor.

“Southern Palmira” in details

Southern PalmiraSouthern Palmira